• Welcome to the Bath Duathlon

    ——Run - Bike - Run


  • Tarmac traffic free circuit

    ——1.5km with lap times


  • Categories for Youths and Juniors

    ——Part of the South West Triathlon Series


16th July - Bath Duathlon (Adults, youth & juniors) entries:

Bath Duathlon 7th May Tristars (8 - 13 year olds)

Because we are still not certain that the circuit will be resurfaced by that day we have therefore decided to go ahead with the Tristar races but reschedule the juniors/youth and adults to the 16th July.

The punctures that happened during British Cycling races only happened to adults with thin high pressure racing tyres, tyres not generally used by the Tristar children. The duathlon is also not a drafting race and we have not had any issues with the duathlon in the past or with recent coaching taking place on the circuit. British Triathlon have approved a new risk assessment on the basis that only the Tristars 1 – 3 will race on the current circuit and that the juniors/youth/adults will race on the new resurfaced circuit. Bath & North-East Somerset Council have very kindly offered us a slot during their ‘Cyclefest’ day on the 16th July in the afternoon. Further details will be put on the website and emailed out.

I appreciate that this is not convenient for everyone and that some families will have to travel twice to the event but it was the only way to get the event to go ahead and it still be part of the South West series. If you aren’t able to do the event on the 16th July you will be able to have a refund or defer to March 2017.

I apologies for the inconvenience this may cause but felt this to be the best solution. 

Gear Restrictions for Tristar 2 & 3

The children's races at Bath Duathlon are not gear restricted races. However to score points in the South West race series competitors in Tri star 2 and 3 races must be riding on restricted gears as per the policy outlined on their website. There will be officials from the series carrying out gearing checks on all bikes used by those racing as part of the series, they will be on site well before transition opens. If you have any questions on the gearing restrictions the SWS technical officer Danny Symington can be contacted on

7th May:

  • Tristar 1  (9/10 year old) 1200m run/ 4½km (3 laps) cycle / 400m run  * South-West Series and Duathlon Championships * 
  • Tristar 2 (11/12 year old) 1500m run (1 lap) / 6 km (4 laps) / 600m run  * South West Series and Duathlon Championships
  • Tristar 3 (13/14 year old) 1500m run (1 lap) / 7½ km (5 laps) / 800m run  * South West  Series and Duathlon Championships

16th July:

  • Youth (15/16 year old)/Juniors (17/18/19 year old) 3000m run (2 laps) / (10 laps) cycle / 1½km (1 lap) run  
    South West Duathlon Championship Race (Youth only)
    *First lap run is on the circuit, second around the perimeter.
  • Adults 3k (2 laps) run / 15k (10 laps) cycle / 1½km (1 lap) run *First lap run is on the circuit, second around the perimeter.
  • Individual marked bike racking
  • Chip timing including the circuit laps
  • Medals to all finishers
  • Toilets and changing rooms
  • Refreshments & parking
  • First lap of the first run is on the circuit, second run is on the perimeter grass.
  • Prizes to first 3 in Adults, youth and juniors (male and female)

Cycling takes place on the closed road, tarmac circuit, which is 1.5 km in length and has two hairpin bends. Any geared bike is suitable. This is a non-drafting race. If you are using tribars you must be in control of your bike at all times, especially on the bends! Further race details will be posted here and emailed to competitors that have entered.